Living With Back Pain

Back Pain Therapy

The excruciating back pain is unbearable. The first sane action is to grab a pain killer or the prescribed drugs quickly gulp it and feel relieved. Back problem erupts time and again. This means the drug has to be consumed for a long time. Prolonged use of certain medicines can show side-effects.

Back Pain Therapy is very scientific and appropriate. The first is the physical therapy. In days bygone, bed rest was considered an appropriate therapy for treatment of back pain. The concept still is valid with a little modification. The new phrase in treatment is rest and rehabilitation.

The emphasis on rest is minimum and value added exercises are emphasized. The thought behind back pain therapy is to give or help regain the flexibility, tone, and muscle strength of the bone structure. The reviving of aching dry disc for lubrication is possible through exercise. Spinal manipulation or osterpathic manipulative therapy and chiropractice are given to keep in check the abnormal changes in the spinal cord.

Accupunture is the Chinese healing therapy. Treatment is carried out by means of needles inserted on specific body points according to the type of back problem. It is also called alternative medicine.

Yoga should be done according to the instructions of a trained person. There are patients who have benefited from this technique.

Doctors also recommend physiotherapy as a treatment for back pain. The trained physiotherapist give specific time controlled exercises for the duration as directed by the doctor.

The most crucial fact to be kept in mind while choosing back pain therapy is that back pains are caused by varied types of bodily conditions. Thus, never copy or follow the same technique that helped your friend or relative recover. One modality will not aid or remove all types of back pains.

Consult a qualified medical practitioner. No back no posture and no life. Go to the right person for the right therapy.