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Treatment For Cervical Cancer

Cervical cancer is an ailment in which the malign or cancer cells go beyond control in the cervix area of the uterus and consequently attack other areas. The cancer is mainly responsible for the death of nearly 15% American women. The main causative agent is the HPV virus that infests the body due to weak immune system.


There are many predisposing factors that are responsible for the cancer to happen-unsafe sex, unhealthy life style, early sex etc.


The cervical cancer at the initial stage shows no symptoms, but as the disease progresses the symptoms start showing. There are vaccination programs for reducing the chance of the cancer in women, but they have been discovered recently and those who have already crossed the age barrier are at the high risk of this cancer.


The cancer cannot be detected early till it show the symptoms, but with certain tests your physician can detect the cancer cells growing. Certain tests like Pap Smear, Colposcopy etc may be carried out to detect the cancer cells.


The Cervical cancer treatment is carried out based on the stages of it. Once the tests confirm the cancer, the doctors find out the stage of the ailment and treatments are applicable as per medical and clinical theories. There are two types of treatments that are carried out in case of cancer- one is standard and the other one is the clinical. In standard treatments the doctor would apply already set treatments, while in clinical treatments, experimentation is carried out for better treatments.


Cervical cancer treatment may include surgery where the cells are removed from the cervix called conization. Hysterectomy is another surgical procedure where the uterus is removed completely. There are other surgeries too to remove the various parts that are affected. It all depends on the stage of the cancer. Then there are more advanced form of treatments like radiotherapy or chemotherapy to treat cervical cancer.