Living With Back Pain

Inversion Therapy Good For Herniated Disc

It's recorded that Inversion was in use as early as 400 B.C. Hippocrates watched a patient tied to a ladder and to be hoisted upside down. The age old Greek theories of inversion of body are still valid for relieving back pain and are known as a normal way to get a better back as well as a better body. For more information on "inversion therapy good for herniated disc", read Switch Over To Natural Back Pain Relief Options And Get Cured Forever.

 Herniated disc develops from fissures and cracks in the vertebrae. The disc material protrudes, causing severe pain as well as pressure on the nerve root. This pressure causes back and neck pain. For back pain treatment, you can find relief in exercise for back pain, back pain therapy and back pain support. If natural methods fail, revert to back pain medication to seek relieving back pain.

Inversion therapy, good for herniated disc allows gravity to help the body to align itself naturally. You get to stretch out and elongate your spine. It gets blood to the brain and takes stress off your heart.

Inversion therapy benefits:
A) Inversion elongates the spine by providing more space between the vertebrae thereby relieving the pressure on ligaments, discs and nerve roots.
B) Inversion helps in relieving many forms of back pain.
C) Inversion improves blood circulation and thereby accelerates the cleansing of lymph Fluids and blood.
D) Inversion increases oxygen flow to the brain.
E) Inversion strengthens our ligaments.
F) Inversion relieves stress.
G) Inversion reduces pain of tired muscles.