Living With Back Pain

Back Pain Remedy: Monitor Your 5 Most Common Daily Activities

The daily activities that we tend to indulge in have an immense impact on our body parts and over all body structure. For instance, if you are ignorant of the way you sit or stand, you can bring a lot of damage to your back. Bad postures of sitting, standing or walking can march a never-ending tale of back pain.

Therefore, the best back pain remedy is to sit, stand and walk upright. This will help you avoid back pain forever. So let's find out how to monitor your day to day activities.

The most important day-to-day activity is walking. So, a care should be taken while you are out for the long walks. The best advice is to wear shoes that have flat sole. Even if you wish wearing heels, the length of the heel should not exceed an inch. High heels tend to imbalance the body. This imbalance puts an extra pressure on the spinal cord, which could result in back pain.

A similar care should be followed while you are sitting. Never sit in a single posture for extended durations. If your job includes sitting for long time periods then try to take short breaks in between. Also try to sit as straight as you can. For extended periods of sitting use a chair that has a low back support.

Another important activity in daily routine is sleeping. It is the time when you recline your tensed nerves and revive your tired senses. Therefore the mattress that you choose to sleep upon, should be firm. Besides the posture that you sleep in is also very important. Try to sleep sideways by bending your knees slightly with a pillow under the head. This position provides adequate support to your neck and thus helps you avoid back pain.

Lifting objects
Whenever you are lifting anything there are certain things that you should keep in mind. Try to bend your knees while lifting an object from the ground. While doing this, also keep your back straight. Following bad postures while lifting objects is one of the main causes of back pain among people.

Pushing objects
Also, while you are pushing any object, always try to apply force on the object from its back. The reason being that pushing the object from the back will generate a more force on the object and not on your spinal cord.

A little care and attention paid to these small day-to-day activities, and your back pain would just be a history.