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Repairing the Herniated Disc The Right Way

If one were to say that our body is a machine, it won't be wrong. Since, it has so many different parts and organs, and they all have some functions. Similarly in a machine and the human body, if one part goes wrong, it needs to be repaired. Our body needs repair either by medicines to fight the disorder by increasing the antibodies. Another solution is by exercise or by surgical means. Even replacement is possible since one can transplant liver, heart, lungs, and kidneys.

Herniated disc is a disorder of the spinal vertebra column. It occurs when the spinal joints compress, leading to shrinking of the gelatinous substance between the joints. This causes protrusion of the nerves passing through them. This condition can lead to many medical complications in the body causing lots of troubles. Thus, a herniated disc repair is diagnosed.

There are various ways of herniated disc repair:

1. In mild cases exercises are recommended. Then there are techniques like inversion, chiropractor, or osteopath. The ultimate repair method for severe cases is surgery.

2. In exercises for herniated disc repair, the body movements are done in postures that relieve the compression. They also increase the elasticity of the spinal joints and discs.

3. In inversion or other alternative methods, the joints are decompressed to relieve the stressed nerves. The body parts are either stretched by moving them in different positions or by inverting them on an inversion table. This is done to make sure that gravity and body weight act in the opposite direction to decompress the joints.

4. In surgery, the herniated disc is removed by cutting using laser technology. Alternatively it could be done by fusing the joints of the vertebra. This makes sure that the joints don't further compress to disturb the nerves or adjoining muscles near the spine.