Living With Back Pain

Sciatica Back Exercise

Sciatic nerve runs from your pelvis through your buttock and hip area and down the back of each leg. It is the cause back and leg pain and also of lower left back pain. This nerve controls many of the muscles in your lower legs and provides sensation to your thighs, legs and feet. It can be a cause of lower back pain and leg numbing as well as upper back muscle pain. For more details, read Well, Back Pain Management Is A key To Back Pain Relief!

 Sciatica isn't a disorder itself, but a symptom of some other problem involving the nerve. Depending on the cause of lower back pain, the pain of acute sciatica can be more or less removed. Sciatica back exercises are found to be particularly effective. The over all treatment involves exercises for lower back pain, heat and cold applications, over-the-counter pain relievers, and exercise or physical therapy that ease the discomfort to sciatica. Surgery to relieve pressure on the nerve is be an option when a patient doesn't respond to conservative treatment and chronic lower back pain persists.

You should pay special attention to your core back pain muscles- the muscles in your abdomen and lower back that are essential for proper posture and alignment. Pilates- a sciatica back exercise technique for total body conditioning and rehabilitation may be particularly helpful in keeping these muscles strong.