Living With Back Pain

Severe Back Pain Remedy

Severe back pain could be treated with medication. These severe back pain medications should not be taken without a doctor's consultation. While some anti-depressants and muscle relaxants are being used since years for severe back pain remedy, some new medicines have also been introduced. 

Old severe back pain prescription mostly included narcotic pain medications such as Hydrocodone and Proxyphene. They work as depressants, hence brain's capability to receive pain signals is reduced by lowering the functions of neurons. Apart from narcotic drugs, some NSAIDs are also recommended in case of back pain. These anti-inflammatory drugs provide quick relaxation to muscles causing back pain.

Apart from these traditional drugs, use of Tricyclic or Tetra cyclic anti depressants has also increased in cases of extreme back pain. This medicine results in altering brain chemicals, by increasing volume of some chemicals, which influence the way brain perceives pain. Patient may end up sleeping after its consumption, that also contribute to pain relief. This medicine is particularly given as quick low back pain treatment. But, the consumption of this medicine may give way to side effects such as dry mouth, blurred vision and low BP. It is not advisable particularly for heart patients.

In certain acute back pains, another depressant called Serotonin inhibitors is given. But, all these quick relief medications for back pain must be given under doctor's consultation. Cause of lower back pain must be ascertained before giving these medications. Mostly, lower left back pain causes severe pain. And sedatives are the only quick solution perhaps. In order to avoid severe pain, back pain exercises are a must.