Living With Back Pain

Cool Off Back Pain With Aquatic Therapy

So, you thought that water was just for drinking? Not really! Water can serve even more crucial purposes such as treating back pain. There are certain properties of water that make it useful for back pain treatment. There are several water exercises also known as aquatic therapy that can help you get rid of the pain effectively.

What is water exercise?

Water exercise simply refers to the use of water in therapeutic settings to alleviate back pain. These exercises use several properties of water to reduce the pain. You can use them along with your back pain treatment during the healing period to experience relief.

How does it help treat back pain?
Aquatic therapy or water exercises benefit back pain sufferers in more than just one way. It mobilizes the joints and increases the range of motion. In addition, it also enhances the overall balance and increases stability. It is particularly beneficial for those who are nursing a back injury. Aquatic therapy can help you strengthen your muscles and increase your flexibility.

How does it work?
Like other forms of exercises and fitness regimes, aquatic therapy too asks you to follow a particular course. Typically, these exercises begin with a warm up. Typically, a water walk i.e. simply walking in the water is used for this purpose.

Once you begin to get comfortable with the surroundings, start with some strengthening and stretching exercises. Start with a bicycle exercise. Pedal your legs in the water the way you would do if you would ride a bike.

Another water exercise that you could perform is the kicks. In this exercise, you are required to keep one leg horizontal to your body and the other leg straight. Alternate with both the legs.

You could also practice various other exercises in the water such as bringing your knees to your chest. This will help work up your abs. Be a little slow with this one.

After you have practiced these exercises for some time, it is time for you to cool down before you move out of the pool. Again practice simple water walking. Once you feel relaxed, get out of the pool.

What all do I need?
To get rid of back pain using aquatic therapy, you would need some basic water exercise equipment. You can easily get this equipment at a store near you. These equipments are available in different shapes and sizes so that you can easily make your pick.

While some of these equipments enhance the properties of water to provide additional relief, there are others that help you keep afloat in water. Some water exercise equipments also increase the resistance to water so that you get a more rigorous workout.