Backpain Overview

Endometriosis Back Pain- During Menstrual Cycles

A woman can suffer from back pain and related disorders for more than one reason. Of them, the most common and widespread is the Endometriosis back pain.

Endometrium is the mucous membrane that lines the uterus. It thickens under hormonal control and if pregnancy does not occur, it sheds itself in the menstruation cycle. And if pregnancy occurs it sheds along with the placenta.

As a result women experience maximum amount of Endometriosis back pain at the time of menstrual cycles. At this time, she experiences several discomforts with spurring qualms. This pain in the back, along with several other discomforts can range from mild, to moderate and also go up to extreme levels.

The Endometriosis back pain during the menstrual cycle occurs with some typical characteristics. The pain usually starts two days before the onset of the menstrual cycle. In several women, it has been noticed that the pain increases with age, making it more unbearable and uncomfortable.

The pain in the back usually starts with pangs in the lower back. This pain then eventually travels to the lower body parts, the buttocks and then to the thigh top. If not administered in time, the pain can take the form of another dangerous and painful disorder, sciatica, which makes your body completely immobile.

There are available several treatments and therapies, with the help of which you can treat your Endometriosis back pain. The most common and simplest way to relieve back pain is to take painkillers.

Painkillers are generally administered to those women who suffer from mild to moderate back pain. But the problem with this type of treatment is that, as the painkillers loose their effect with time, the pain crops up again.

So, the best advice here remains is to consult a good gynecologist who will guide you through the best way to do away with your Endometriosis back pain.

A woman who is looking forward to contraception and also a cure for her back pain can take help of birth control or contraceptive pills to bring relief in her suffering. These pills have certain substances that avoid the build-up of the endometrium tissue in the uterus. This simply means, as there would be no endometrium build-up in the body, there would be no pain.

Besides this, there are available several hormone-regulating treatments that help in bringing quite a relief in Endometriosis back pain suffering. Also surgical operation is another option, wherein the enometrium is safely removed from the uterus.

If you are looking for some natural treatment to bring relief in Endometriosis back pain, then the use of acupuncture therapy can bring considerable good results.

Back pain, due to whatever reasons, is not a disorder that cannot be treated. Take care of your body, do not ignore the developments that you see in and back pain will be gone forever.