Lower Back Pain

Lower Back Bulging Disc

Bulging disc is a condition mostly related to the lumbar or lower spine of your back. It is different from a herniated disc on the conception that the later occurs mostly due to an injury or trauma while the disorder of the spine is a case of old-age complications.


When we age, the joint bones of the spine tend to compress due to shrinking of the mucus inside the joints. The lumbar region is more susceptible to this problem. The bones of lumbar spine are bigger than other areas of it. Naturally, heir weight and stress is more compared to other areas. So, the possibility of a rupture of the discs increases.


What are the symptoms of lower back bulging disc? The first symptom would be mild pain along with a tingling affect. Then the symptoms develop to irritating pain, swelling and heat in the region of rupture. Muscle weakness and problems in sitting, lying, walking or even standing for long hours are the symptoms of this condition. Besides these, some other complications arise if the nerves of some of the respective areas suffer pinching of the discs.


If the bulged disk strikes the sciatica nerve, the pain from the back reaches the buttocks and then moves down to the legs and to areas like thighs, cuffs, or ankles. The nerves of the bowel and kidneys pass through the lumbar region. The protrusion of any of these nerves can cause bowel irregularity and kidney disorders.


Thus, if you want to get rid of such problems, act now and get some exercise programs to make your lumbar spine strong and endurable.