Lower Back Pain

Lower Back Pain and Leg Numbing

Often, the symptoms of lower back pain slowly develop and mobility of a person becomes difficult. The symptoms of lower back pain start with weakness of the waist and legs.


General lower back pain due to muscles spasms and strains causes no side effects except for some mild pain in the thighs. But the pain has a history of traveling to other parts. The cure of this kind of pain is rest, hot water pad application and cold water treatment. Along with them, stretching exercises for the lower and mid back are also helpful in reducing the pain and the spasms.


But when the symptoms of the pain cause numbness in the legs and buttocks, they cause difficulty in moving and sitting. Even lying down becomes a problem. This usually points to the compression of sciatica nerve. The sciatica nerve of the body, that enters the lumbar region, is under pressure and exertion. This exertion is either by the herniated disc or decompression of the joints.


The lower back pain and leg numbing is a serious sign of nerve disorder of the legs. If you delay the treatment, you might harm the nerves. This could cause permanent loss of sensation in your legs. If you experience lower back pain and leg numbing, you should act immediately and visit a doctor.


The doctor would take an MRI or an x-ray to confirm the cause of the numbing. He would then prescribe the medicines and exercises. It’s very essential to take care of such disorders in your body.