Lower Back Pain

Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain is a common ailment, nowadays. Given the hectic lifestyles, any stress on the spine can cause lower back pain. Lifting heavy objects, carrying bags regularly, or succumbing to any injury during any physical activity are some of the reasons behind lower back pain. Often this happens, when these activities are done by someone who is not used to doing these things in a habitual manner.

With growing age, the central portion of the spine dries out and when more pressure is given on this region, the plate in that portion either moves out or sustains a fracture. This is the primary cause behind lower back pain.

However, lower back pain is also sometimes a symptom of many other medical conditions. These include obesity, arthritis, problem of knee joints, sciatica, spondylosis, and viral infections.

Therefore, if you have a lower back pain, then you should go and consult a physician. Lower back pain does not know age or gender. It can occur at any age and to anybody. However, people who are living in their 40’s should take care as they can face severe problems, if they have a joint injury because the natural lubricant at the joints starts decreasing  and bones become fragile.

A good amount of calcium in diet, especially of children can be very useful in preventing problems of joints. In many recent surveys, it has been found that children are complaining increasingly of lower back pain. This is a result of the heavy loads of books that children carry to schools everyday. While lifting a bag, one should bend both their knees and then put on the bags. Reaching school, one should immediately shift the load to the locker. A little precaution like that can go long way in prevention of this problem.