Lower Back Pain

Pain In Sciatica Could Be Unbearable

Sciatica is a kind of pain that takes its origin in the lower part of our body and travels to the foot and knees. This pain usually occurs in people of the age of 30 to 50. The pain can range from a simple gingerly feeling to an unbearable one. Often the pain can become so severe that it can strip you of your sleep. Specific causes for the occurrence of sciatica pain have not been ascertained but it has been believed to be caused by daily wear and tear of the body.
The medical name of sciatica pain is Piriformis syndrome, named after the muscle involved –the piriformis muscle.

Sciatica pain generally takes its origin in the back and slips to the knees and foot. The first cause of sciatica pain is muscle imbalances or pressure exerted on the sciatica nerve. An important cause of sciatica pain is herniated disc. Sometimes degeneration in your discs may cause sciatica pain. Spondylolisthesis is another disease that puts a lot of strain on your sciatica nerve and ultimately results in pain. Other factors could be being overweight, wearing very high heels, or sleeping in a mattress that is too soft. Also exercising regularly with weights can cause that kind of pain.