Upper Back Pain

Upper Back Pain Causes

The pain that occurs between the lumbar spine and the lowermost portion of the neck is called upper back pain. It is sometimes referred to as thoracic pain. It can also travel to the middle of the back and is commonly called, middle back pain. The area affected is actually very strong in the sense that it supports the whole weight of the upper body and also provides a cavity for heart and lungs. Pain in the upper back can be caused due to muscular irritation and joint dysfunctions. Also, disc degeneration and spinal stenosis can be the cause of upper back pain.

Localized pain is the main symptom of this kind of pain. Occasional muscle spasm or frequent muscle contraction may also occur if it happens near the spin column.
The most common cause of upper back pain is wrong posture. This is the dominant factor that is common among all working individuals.

Also repetitive motions can also hamper your back, these include repetitive jerky gym routines or manual labor that is not in harmony with the spinal strength. Sometimes, a grave injury or an accident that might have severely damaged the vertebra can be the cause of your upper back pain. Even women who have unusually large breasts may suffer from upper back pain. You can also incur back pain because of some sports that you indulge in. Finally, if the bones of a particular region are not strong, this pain can attack you.