Upper Back Pain

Upper Right Back Pain

The pain that occurs in the right side, between the neck and above the lower back is called upper, right back pain. This is the region where ribs join the spinal column. Any damage to the ligaments and muscles attached to the vertebra or the bones alongside spinal columns cause pain. It may develop due to overuse, strain or any injury making the ligaments and muscles overstretched or torn. Localized pain is the main symptom of this pain. Occasional muscle spasm or frequent muscle contraction may also occur if it happens near the spin column. You may also feel right-side backache pain while breathing, moving the neck and shoulders or if someone touches your right upper portion.

This localized pain is easily diagnosed by an examination of the right upper back portion or through the medical history. In case of strained muscle due to exercises, ice packs and some other anti- inflammatory medicines are applied. Muscle relaxants can also be used for temporary relief. Avoiding any physical activity is advised to prevent further damage to the upper right back, so that the symptoms may not worsen. Moreover, there are many stretching exercises to keep muscles and ligaments healthy. Conservative treatments for the right upper back pain have been found to be the most successful way. This treatment includes medications or the use of ice to rub the affected area.

Prevention of injury is the most important thing to prevent right-sided upper back pain. Therefore, it is necessary to be careful while exercising, so that your tissues may not tighten too much. In addition to it, pain in this area can also be avoided through regular exercise and doing some weight training. Do not do any activity bringing repetitive stress on right portion of the upper back. Always try to get a good posture through wearing protective braces. If symptoms are ignored, the condition may get worse.