Backpain Overview

Your Pillow and Back Pain

Sleeping is a very important activity in one’s life. A good night’s sleep does not only provide you with a positive synergy to actively perform in your day but it also tranquilizes your tensed nerves. Interesting when we do not get a sound sleep in the night, the next morning, we remain clueless about what disturbed our sleep. The fact here is that, there are several things that add-up to produce a sound sleep. Your bed, mattress and pillow are very important for a good night’s sleep.

Very few people know that using inappropriate pillow for sleep can cause severe back pain. Therefore, it becomes important that you should have knowledge about the right pillow for a sound sleep so as to do away with back pain and related problems.

Sleeping does not require any rocket science, but yes, it does involve some basic principles, which if not followed correctly can make you suffer from disorders like back pain. While sleeping there are certain things that your should keep in mind in order to avoid back pain.

For instance, the position of your spinal cord should be straight. For this thing to happen your pillow should be supportive of your straight spinal cord. Also, your neck and head should be little elevated from the rest of your body. This position will support the spinal cord and will reduce the probability of back pain.

With usage and time the pillow becomes lumpy and uncomfortable. This is an indictor that your pillow needs a replacement. There are certain things that you should keep in mind while shopping for the right pillow for yourself.

The foremost thing that you should keep in mind is that the pillow you intend to use should be of the right size. Besides, it should also be made of the right material that can give you proper cushioning while sleeping. Also, the pillow should not be too soft or hard. The reason being that the use of a hard pillow would make your neck and back stiff, giving you pain when you get up the next morning. While too soft a pillow would not be able to give adequate back support, which may again become a valid reason for your back pain.

By now, you must have realized that even small things in our life can become a big reason for back pain and the only solution to them remains is self-awareness.