Prognosis of Back Pain

Are Meatal Stenosis And Back Pain Are Related?

Wondering what meatal stenosis is? You need not to, for the answer is that Meatal stenosis is the narrowing of the opening of urethra, which may be congenital or may have been acquired later. This condition can affect both males and females, but is more common in males.

The problem of meatal stenosis can also cause mid back pain, and you need to take proper care of it by getting it properly diagnosed and taking proper care and treatment for it. For more information on meatal stenosis and back pain and getting it properly diagnosed, read Diagnosing Back Pain.

Diagnosis is done by taking help of patient's history and a detailed physical examination. Procedures that are included in diagnosis of back pain are bone scan, MRI, X-Ray and CT Scan etc.

With these tests, it becomes easy to know the exact reason for the pain. After examining the problem, the doctors can select a proper low back pain treatment for an individual patient and can come up with new treatments as well.

If the doctor knows the causes of lower back pain correctly, only then his reliance on prescription medication back pain for relieving back pain will be fruitful. Medications for back pain are a part of back pain therapy designed to get rid of severe back pains so that one could lead a normal pain-free life. Treating back pain is easier if the reason for it is known. If you have tried every thing then ask your doctor if you could opt for exercises for lower back pain. If he says yes, just go for it and see the difference.