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Symptoms Of Cervical Cancer

As we know that early bird catches the worm. The same case is here with cervical cancer, if you have information and know the symptoms of cervical cancer then it become rather easy for you to tackle the problem. Basically, the cervix is the neckline of the womb which is situated at the top of the vagina. According to BUPA health fact sheet, shown in 2004, around 2400 women were diagnosed with cervical cancer in USA. This cancer generally occurs with women over 35. Death rate because of cervical cancer has been fallen down over the last 10 years. This decline has been possible because of NHS screening program. Through this program cervical cancer can be identified at early stage.


Now its right time for you to know what cervical cancer is? Cervical cancer happens if your cervix cells become abnormal and grow up out of control, therefore your slightest ignorance can give freedom to grow these cells independently to other part of the body. If these abnormal cells are not caught at early stage, they can create a big problem for you in future.


Cervical cancer does not present any symptoms until the cancer has extended, at early stage, it does not show any major symptom, but this cancer progress slowly as compare to the normal cancer, once it starts spreading then it may cause a blood- tinged and faded vaginal discharge. Remember a watched pot never boils. So, to treat this severe curse take suggestion from expert and prevent the cancer developments. If your abnormal cells carry on developing, it can show the symptoms given blow.


a) One of the very common symptom is vaginal bleeding, such as after period and after intercourse.

b) Vaginal discharge will stink too much.

c) Pain during sexual intercourse.

d) Bleeding after menopause.