Prognosis of Back Pain

Link Between Depression And Chronic Back Pain

Normally, depression is observed in patients suffering from chronic lower back pain problems. Nobody knows why this kind of depression develops in these cases? There can be various reasons behind it but before that let's know about effective low back pain treatment and the ways of treating back pain. To know some effective methods for relieving depression and chronic back pain read Active Treatments For Low Back Pain

Some of the common symptoms experienced by the person with chronic lower back pain or other back and neck pain that cause depression in them are:

A) The pain does not let them sleep, which causes fatigue, tiredness and the irritability during the day. Then, during the day, due to extreme back and leg pain they have difficulty in moving and traveling. Thus they often move slowly and carefully and thus spending majority of their time away from others and away from social life too.

B) They may suffer from financial restrains due to their inability to work.

C) Sexual activity is often the last thing on the person’s mind and this causes more stress in the patient’s relationships.

Understandably, these symptoms often lead to the combo of depression and chronic back pain.

Now what are the ways of treating back pain? Lower back pain and leg numbing may be treated without resorting to surgery. One of the most effective back pain medication among prescription medication back pain is topamax. Topamax for chronic back pain is the best and effective medicine available in the market.

An epidural injection is generally used to alleviate chronic epidural back pain and/or leg pain. While the effects of the injection are temporary only providing relief for one week up to one year but an epidural injection can give relief to patients during an episode of severe back pain or chronic back pain. So this is going to be the whole material obtained for "depression and chronic back pain".