Prognosis of Back Pain

Is Your Back Pain Symbolic Of Future Lung Cancer?

The reasons for back pain are many and the symptoms of lung cancer are many more.

Whether you have lung cancer due to back pain or back pain due to lung cancer…the symptoms are so confusing and inter-related, that at times, the diagnosis becomes even more complicated.

Many a times, the cough or shortness of breath is accompanied by back pain. And you had thought that it is a respiratory illness! This could be the early stage of cancer and the right time and state to treat it indeed!

Pain in back, chest or shoulder that does not go away and gets worse with deep breathing, accompanied by swelling in the neck and face, with increasing fatigue and weakness could be the symptoms of cancer in the lung. And the underlying back pain will cause you recurring respiratory infections such as pneumonia along.

Figures and statistics from the USA regarding the back pain are mind boggling. It is reported that 80% of the Americans cope with back pain at some point of their lives. 7 million people are treated for back pain every year. The new cases of pack pain reported every year are 2 million. The loss/amount spent every year on medical bills, disability and lost productivity at work is estimated to be 100 billion dollars!

There is so much confusion with regard to the treatment of the back pain itself…that the back pain related to lung cancer is ought to be confusing for the patient. The first step you need to take when it is a case of continuous back pain is to have a detailed medical checkup. Instead of doing guesswork, and trying out various antibiotics, pain-killers and taking pot shots at the state of your health, you need to adopt a line of treatment. This definitely must be followed over the preliminary investigation stage.

No over the counter medication has cured any back pain completely. If your back pain is confirmed to be of the chronic type, it is most likely to trouble you over a long period of time.

You need to prevent your back pain from getting into the lung cancer fold. To fight lung cancer, what is required is you need to have perfect metabolism within your body. No diseases can come at your back or any other parts of your body, if your internal system is free of toxins. So adopt healthy lifestyle changes and resort to yoga exercises as they are the perfect treatment for back pain. This is now accepted world over.