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Stages Of Cervical Cancer

Every cancer has its stage and cervical cancer is no exception. Cancer is a disease that slowly develops and suddenly shows its symptoms. In its development, the conditions it creates is called stages of cancer.

What is cervical cancer?
The abnormal growth of squamous cells near the cervix area of the vagina and uterus that causes destruction of tissues is called cervical cancer. The HPV virus is responsible for the cancer in the area. The stages of your cervical cancer can only be determined by your doctor conducting certain tests.

What do you mean when you say stages of cancer? Well, the stages of cancer means an estimation of how far the cancer has spread. Determining the stages of cancer is important because it allows the doctor to go for the accurate treatment. There are four stages of cervical cancer.

Stage 0 of cervical cancer
This is just the beginning and the doctor call it as carcinoma in situ, which means there are developments of the cells in the cervix but it has not spread anywhere.

Stage 1
Here the cells have started to develop deeper into the cervix. It's the next successive stage of the cancer.

Stage 2
The developed cells have started to move down to the vaginal upper part or to the womb. These will spread further more if not checked.

Stage 3
The development of the cells can be seen in the lower vagina as well as to the muscles and ligaments of the pelvic region. It spreads to the uterus that connects the kidney tubes.

Stage 4

The most advanced stage of the cancer when the disease has spread to the other organs beyond the womb or vagina.