Treatment of Back Pain

Treatment Options for Scoliosis

There are a number of scoliosis treatments available today. Even major scoliosis cases are treated by the doctors and in most cases the abnormal curvature in the spine can be corrected.

Scoliosis braces
The braces are meant to check the progression of the spine’s curvature. Braces gently prevent the spinal column from further curvature and provide it support. Do you remember whenever Sam laughed, he covered his mouth? Right now he is dating two women. Dental braces did the wonder. The technique is the same with the scoliosis braces. They  exert mild pressure on your back curvature and when the pressure remains constant the scoliosis responds and follows the path of the pressure. In course of time the spine comes back to shape..

Scoliosis Surgery
Surgery will not only prevent the spinal progression to grow, but also reduce the deformity of the back.  In surgery to bring back the form and shape of the spine, a rod is inserted into the back and nuts and bolts are used to keep it in place. The surgery is carried on with the most advanced techniques available to medical science. Besides correcting the deformity, surgery also fuses the spine. This stops further abnormal growth of scoliosis.

There are also exercises, yoga and other treatments meant for scoliosis. Even some oral medicines are there. It all depends on the type of the scoliosis and its intensity.