Treatment of Back Pain

Use The Back Pain Relief Products

Back pain relief is possible without surgery or a visit to the physician. For most of us, money isn’t the object; time constraint is what prevents us from a visit to the physician which could take at least a day’s work. Our answer should be a doctor approved back pain relief products.

TENS Back Pain Relief Products
 One example that should warrant our attention is the TENS back pain relief products. Stands for Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation, the TENS machine has a surprisingly effective results. By working high frequency electrical stimulation to the nerve endings, this artificial stimulation disrupts the pain signals to the brain so that the pain is no longer felt. Studies also concluded that the stimuli produced by a TENS machine also motivated the body into producing its own pain relieving hormones called endorphins.

Body Clock is an online retailer that deals with TENS back pain relief products. The TENS Focus model is surprisingly cheap, only at £24.95, though the TENS n’ Tone model offers muscle stimulation which is perfect for healing muscles. TENS n’ Tone carries a £119.95 price tag.

Obus Ultimate Back Massager
This portable personal masseur offers a variety of massage programs and speed levels allowing back area choice and massage intensity; everything that will suits to any preference. Though rather bulky to wear around while traveling, it is a perfect complement for your office chair. Now you don’t have to visit the therapist, the Obus Ultimate Back Massager will do just fine.

Adjustable Backrest Supports
Posture in sitting is one chief candidate why office workers suffer bad backs. Because a day spent sitting down could strain the back muscles miserably. One way to adjust this problem is getting proper back rest supports as most office chairs aren’t personalized to fit your back. With the BackForm Adjustable Memory Foam Seat Cushion, you can take comfort and support with you even in your office or no matter where you are.  The compact, lightweight design makes it easy to lug around with you, though you can just have one for each location.

Topical Back Pain Relief Products
Back pain relief products such as gels, creams, and sprays are common but yet these little wonders do work wonders most of the time. And these back pain relief products are so cheap and readily available (you can get them at your local drugstore).