Treatment of Back Pain

Ruptured Discs – How to Get Relief

It has been found that 50 % of the patients of back pain in the US have at some point of time suffered from a ruptured disc.  The ruptured disc is becoming a  problem as common as the flu. At a time when medical and health sciences are aiming to gift a better and disease free life, more and more people are suffering from complications that they themselves are responsible for.

For instance I accept the fact that old age is a factor that is responsible for a ruptured or bulging disc. How old is 40 years of age? Yes, people of this age group are known to suffer from ruptured discs. Let’s take a look at how to relieve the pain and prevent such a condition. If you have suffered from a ruptured disc, then here are some ways to provide relief to you.

The first way is plenty of rest and exercise. Rest is important to prevent the body from excessive movements. Exercise is necessary to heal and restore the discs to their natural position. To know the relevant exercises, you must visit a physiotherapist. A trained physiotherapist will be able to diagnose your condition and advice you on suitable exercises.

The second way to get relief from ruptured discs is surgery. It is normally the last resort in the list of options to treat this condition.  When the position of the disc causes terrible pain or discomfort to the person, microdiscectomy is performed to remove the disc and  free the nerves from any pressure.

This is a highly advanced  surgery and recovery time is usually very low. The surgeon usually recommends mild exercise up to two months after surgery. Exercise can be continued after this period as this helps to prevent recurrence of the condition.

Posture, sleeping position, regular exercise, physical workouts and leading a healthy lifestyle are all very important to help prevent this very painful condition.