Treatment of Back Pain

Treatment For Bulging Disc

Bulging disc refers to the condition where the discs in the backbone tend to protrude or bulge out of the vertebra in the body. The condition does not become serious unless the spinal canal is narrowed down to such an extent that pressure is exerted on the nerves in the spinal canal. This results in extreme pain. Contrary to popular belief, this condition is more prevalent in adults, than children

The bulging disc treatment  starts off with a simple physical test and an analysis of the medical history of the patient. After this a variety of diagnostic tests like the CT or MRI Scan and X ray are carried out in order to minutely examine the  physical condition of the patient.

The treatment method that is suggested to a patient depends on the severity of the condition. In many cases the doctors ask the patient to take a bit of rest and avoid physical activities that can possibly trigger the pain. In some patients this method may work. However prolonged rest may worsen the condition.

The first type  of treatment that we will discuss is OTC  medication. Non steroidal anti inflammatory drugs are the most common type of medication for bulging disc conditions.
 In some cases analgesics, narcotics and muscle relaxants can also relieve you off  bulging disc pain. It is essential to consult the doctor before taking any medication.

The second type of treatment  is easy and can be carried out at home.  This method involves use of cold or hot packs depending upon one’s comfort levels. The procedure will provide you with symptomatic relief.

Exercise is another very effective form of treatment for  bulging disc. This is a safe and  inexpensive way to cure not only  bulging discs but a host of other illness. Exercises should be mild ones and should not involve weight training.  Yoga, meditation, aerobics, swimming, walking and bit of stretching are examples of  helpful exercises. Help from a professional trainer would be an added benefit.

The treatment with the best and most permanent results for a bulging disc is  surgery. This should be taken up as a last resort. There are a countless number of surgical methods involved but you should put in a lot of thought before going in for a surgery. You should be both mentally and physically prepared to handle a surgery.

A surgery has its own risks and should be considered only when no other choice is available.