Treatment of Back Pain

What Is The Right Medication For Your Back Pain?

Back pain medicine is a misnomer. But if you say that back pain medicine is a part of the overall back pain treatment, the statement is quite correct. The main problem with back pain medicine is the diagnosis of the back pain. You have only one back, the nomenclature of pains are many. Any wrong treatment could result in damaging consequences.

The investigations part is the first; the medicine part will follow it. This is true in all types of diseases. But in case of back pain treatment, its importance is more. This is for the most vital parts of the human system are involved in the mess of the back pain. Spine for example! Any wrong treatment which will cause damage to the spine, is inviting overall disaster for the body. Nerve centers near the brain which is another very sensitive part!

There is nothing lacking in the investigation part of the back pain saga! You can have the strength and intensity of your back pain, with tests like physiologic assessment, electro diagnostic assessments like needle electromyography and nerve conduction studies. The results of these tests provide guidelines for the course of further treatment and the extent of injury that causes the recurring back pain.

Initially, rest was considered as the best medicine for back pain. But in reality bed rest is not the cure. It is the cause of the malady. Several studies have shown that this bed rest therapy is the root cause of aggravating the pack pain. Rest even in reclined position increase the intra-disc pressures and in theory worsen the pain.

What is required is activity modification. The patient should be allowed and encouraged to do the normal activities and practice the art of conducting such activities, bearing the pain aspect in the mind.

Your activities should not be controlled by the pain factor. Rather, you should practice the art of living and work with the pain. When the various parts of your body realize that they can not escape their responsibilities, they will know how to cope up with the responsibilities. This is the real back pain medication!

There are a number of Physical Therapy Modalities of which the back pain is most afraid of. This is the area of decisive battle. Either you win or your back pain wins. Mostly you win!

Cold packs and massages, superficial heat (hydrocolloid packs), ultrasound (deep heat) are good for relieving the back pain even in the acute stage. These treatments need to be given under expert supervision only.