Lower Back Pain

Low Back Pain and Leg Pain

Pain in the lower back or the legs is something that is experienced by most of us at some or the other point in time. Many a times low back pain and leg pain gets resolved it self. However, there can be situations where the pain can be unbearable and might call for a complete medical treatment. To understand the problem better, let us take a look at some of the possible causes of leg pain and back pain.

Causes of leg pain and low back pain

* Certain physical activities can trigger a leg pain and lower back pain. Any kind of injury or excessive pressure on the muscles can instigate a pain in the lower region of the body. In such situations try noticing any physical activity that might have caused pain. Also try to restrain yourself from rigorous physical activities and avoid stress.

* Compressed nerve roots are yet another common cause of leg pain and lower back pain. Pain that is caused due to compressed nerve roots usually begins from the leg and then climbs up to the spine. Physiotherapy and acupressure can prove to be of great help in such situations.

* Herniated disc can also be the cause of leg pain and lower back pain. A herniated disc refers to shifting of the spinal disc from its original position. In such cases the numbness and pain extends to the leg. If you are experiencing pain in the spine and legs sue to herniated dsic, consultation with the doctor is strictly recommended.

* Even slight twisting, bending or even sitting can trigger a muscle spasm that can in turn lead to leg pain and lower back pain. At times pain triggered by muscle spasm gets resolved on its own. On other occasions, you may need help of physiotherapist. Some exercises also may prove useful.

* During pregnancy several females also suffer from leg pain and lower back pain. The increasing pressure on the ligaments can result in pain. To avoid pain in the limbs and lower back during pregnancy, women should try to remain active. Go in for a long walk.

* Several medications such as diuretics and statins at times lead to pain.

Besides you can also make use of following tips to treat pain in your leg and low back

* Take as much rest as possible will provide relief from leg pain and low back pain. One should try and reduce activity and avoiding any kind of stress.

* Take over-the-counter pain medications like acetaminophen or ibuprofen. These pain relieving medicines provide instant relief from the problem.

* At times slight exercising can help in offering relief from leg pain and low back pain. Elevate your leg and try to stretch it. Repeat this couple of times. This should provide instant relief. Your doctor too may prescribe you a set of exercises. These exercises prove beneficial in the long run.

* Home treatments like ice and heat also prove quite effective in relieving leg and lower back pain. Ice up the pain site for quick relief. Alternatively, you could even use a hot water bottle.

* If the pain becomes immense and unbearable, you might be administered with injections. These injections deliver medicine right at the site of pain and deliver quick relief.

* If problem persists and becomes too difficult to handle then consult a doctor at the earliest.

Low back pain and leg pain can be treated, provided you know the cause of the problem. Figure out the causes and opt for the right treatment before it gets too late.