Lower Back Pain

Lower Back Pain Is A Curse

As we know that lower back pain is a common curse, it is the only pain that can be found almost in people of every age including children. Lower back pain is on increase amongst children because of carrying too heavy school bags. After getting into this problem one even can’t move properly so, to get over this problem is really necessary.

To prevail over the problem we have two ways, exercise and medication, if the pain persists for more than six months then you will have to go for medication, but if it persists for last four or six weeks then exercises are enough for the remedy.

Now, it is necessary for us to be aware about the causes of low back pain, such that we could keep ourself away from this chronic pain. Many things can become cause of back injuries such as joint pain, muscle strain. The most ordinary cause of low back pain is, to use your back for the activity you are not used to, such as lifting too heavy weight, playing foot ball or doing hard work.

Tips for preventing low back pain

* Don’t bent your body while lifting any object, try to keep your body straight.
* Avoid twisting your body too much while sleeping.
* Don’t sit for long time on chair or table, break up time and stretch your body.
* What should be your posture while standing for long time, keep your body flexible and rest on your foot.
* What should be the best way to sit, to reduce pain sit in arm chair with straight back and lean your body backward.
* Put a pillow under your head and knee while sleeping; make sure all your body weight is not on your back.
* A gentle exercise can also provide you relief from low back pain, lie on your back with your knee bent and lift your legs together slowly and repeat it 10 times.