Lower Back Pain

Treat Sciatica At Home

Irritation of the sciatica nerves causes a typical type of pain; this is referred to as sciatica. The pain usually occurs in the low back or buttocks and then slips down to the knee and to the feet. Interestingly, sciatica is the largest nerve in the body originating in the lumbar spinal cord and extending up to the feet. Any kind of inflammation or irritation in the sciatica nerve might give rise to the pain. But generally, the most common factor that causes sciatica is herniation of the discs. Regarding the diagnosis, doctors would first look through your medical history and after that through some physical test like CT or MRI Scan or even an x ray.

Here it is imperative to state that only in mild cases of sciatica home treatment can be used. The chronic or severe ones require immediate attention by a physician.

Firstly, some over-the-counter medicines like ibuprofen and aspirin, which are easily available and are quite effective. Also a visit to the chiropractor can help you. He will, most likely, offer you a drug-free treatment. They usually recommend treatments like ice therapy, TENS or manipulation of the spine.

Another sciatica home treatment you can try out is exercise. Exercising has immense potential.
A type of exercise known as the McKenzie exercise has proven quite effective and is definitely worth a try. If the pain persists, then within the first 48 hours, ice packs are applied to the affected areas.