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Cervical Cancer And Pregnancy: What Is The Truth Behind?

There are many misconceptions regarding cervical cancer and pregnancy. These misconceptions arise due to a complete lack of info or improper knowledge about the medical condition and the effects of it. Many a times, women misinterpret a cervical smear to cervical cancer. They are diagnosed with smear on the cervix, which makes them feel that they are suffering from cancer. But this is not so. Moreover, the abnormal cells on cervix can be successfully treated before they become cancerous.

There is another misconception regarding cervical cancer and pregnancy. It is- a woman cannot become pregnant if she has cervical cancer. While this statement is not completely correct and it is necessary to see many other options in the body. The stage of the cervical cancer would determine whether a woman can become pregnant or not.

If cervical cancer is in the first stage, the pregnancy is possible. The cancer cells do not grow too much to harm the womb or the uterus.

In the second stage it depends on the movement of the sperm to the uterus, if it goes and fertilizes the ova, pregnancy is inevitable. But you cannot be sure of that because the cervix and a part of the vagina is affected from the cancer cells. This will reduce the possibility of successful pregnancy.

In the third and the fourth stage, the pregnancy is impossible.

The pregnancy of a woman also depends on the cervical cancer treatments. If you have undergone a LEEP surgery, it means your womb is protected and you can have pregnancy. But if you had a surgery like hysterectomy, you cannot be pregnant. This is because the womb or the uterus is completely removed from the body. Even treatments like radiotherapy and chemotherapy prevents pregnancy. They damage the ovaries and the womb won't receive any ova or the sperm.