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Cervical Dystonia

Cervicla Dystonia is also known as Spasmodic torticollis. This disease occurs after the age of 40. Abnormal posture of head is the main symptom of this disease. This movement is caused due to the involuntary contraction of the muscles present in our neck.

Following are the causes of such movements:

* Twisting of the neck which is also known as torticollis
* neck pulled forward due to the contraction of the muscles and is also known as antecollis
* neck  pulled backward due to the contraction in the muscles and is also known as retrocollis
* Neck pulled sideways due to the contraction in the muscles and is also known as laterocollis.

Spasm in the tissues and muscles with pain and a lot of discomfort of more or less intensity are the main symptoms of cervical dystonia.
 Cervical dystonia is not fatal and does not cause death. The disease does not even affect the functions of the brain but except for the  brain; the other parts can be affected.

The problem of cervical dystonia varies in different individual and can sometimes affect someone for 5 to 6 years. But in some individuals the problems caused by cervical dystonia remains for a few days only. Cervical dystonia sometimes goes away altogether  and may not return but in some cases it may return after sometime. Whether it will return or not and, if it returns, then when can not be  predicted

The cause of cervical dystonia is situated in our brain. It originates from the part of our brain,which controls the movement of our body. This are is situated deep inside our brain and is known as basal ganglia. Nowadays , doctors and scientists are working to find the main cause of this abnormality and are trying to understand this problem clearly. It may not be a severe problem but still it is a problem that need to be cured and taken care of.