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Effects Of Scoliosis

Scoliosis is generally defined as a condition where there is lateral curvature of the spine. Although these disease are more prone among adults, they spread to adults if untreated.

Normally, the effect of scoliosis depends on how severe the curvature is. One thing is for sure that it does not cause death.

In the mild type of scoliosis, where the curvature is lesser than 20 degrees there is no effect on the lungs whereas in the moderate type of scoliosis (25 to 70 degrees) there is some difficulty while exercising. In case of severe scoliosis there occurs problems in heart and lungs, one experience problems while breathing and also creates pressures on the lungs.

Regarding the effects of scoliosis on bones, it can engender osteoporosis, a kind of disease which makes your bones extremely week. Parents should take care of the fact that if their children had scoliosis, they should properly diagnose the child for possibility of osteoporosis.

In case of the effects of scoliosis on women, there is minimum danger. Even pregnant women and those who have been successfully declared as having scoliosis can feel safe. Children of the women who have scoliosis do not generally inherit it. But if somebody experience difficulty in breathing and in lungs they should consult a doctor.

People who had undergone surgery to treat their scoliosis can also experience a mid type of pain after around 20 to 30 years. Children whose scoliosis are untreated can at some point of time develop spondylosis.

Now, there are several emotional effects of scoliosis particularly on children. They feel that there childhood is vulnerable, often remain isolated and even sometimes show behavioral problems. While in adults it may result less interest in social activities as well as in their sexual life. Also, some adults develop a poor body language to this problem.