Backpain Overview


Spinal chord is the base of our body. A slight problem with it can put us into a lot of trouble. Scoliosis is a problem in the spinal chord of the patient that takes a shape of a curve towards one side. Due to scoliosis the shape of the back of the patient changes resulting in the shifting of the hip or the shoulder upside or sometimes down.

Scoliosis can be tested through the x-ray. It mostly occurs to the children of the age group between 10 to 14 years for girls while on the other hand it varies in boys from12 to 14 years. Scoliosis is a very common problem among the children. Among every ten, one child has a slight curve in the spinal chord.

The cause for it is not known in most of the cases. But some researchers say that it hereditarily spreads among the new born babies. Doctors suggest for the check up of the new born babies and other members of the family of the patient.

Researchers suggest that the young people suffering from scoliosis do not suffer from back pain. But they state that after an age people suffering from scoliosis have greater chances of having back pains than those not suffering from scoliosis.

This should be treated for sure as if not treated after an age it can become a cause of deformity of the physical structure of the body, lungs problems, and back pain and in some cases it may also lead to heart diseases.

There are different types of treatments given to the patients suffering from scoliosis depending upon the intensity of the curve. In the case of minor curve no surgery is needed but for major curves doctors suggest surgery and bracing. The treatment should be done for sure as the curve may worsen other problems.