Backpain Overview

Spinal Stenosis

Our back bone is the bone that is the base of our body. Our back bone bears all the weight of our body. But a small problem which can put us into lots of trouble is spinal stenosis. It is a problem in which the one or more areas of the spinal chord get narrower. Mostly these areas are located in the lower portion or the upper portion of our back. Spinal stenosis has almost same symptoms to that of back sciatica, so, it should not be confused with sciatica. Some such problems led by this disorder are:

1. cramping in the back muscles

2. the sensation in the buttocks of the patient are reduced

3. the numbness in the legs and shoulder

4. severe pain in the neck, back and arms

5. sometimes it also affects the gall bladder and the bowel functioning

Spinal stenosis in its mild state can be cured by painkillers or medications and simple exercises but in the severe cases the doctors always suggest surgery.

Most of the patients suffering from spinal stenosis are more than 45 years old. This is due to the reason that it is mostly caused due to the wear and tear of the spinal chord. Similar to the functioning of machinery, when our body grows old it also faces wear and tear.

In spinal stenosis, the pain in the leg increases while walking but in decreases while sitting. It mostly occurs in the lower part of the back which is the main reason for the starting of the sciatic pain. From here the sciatic pain further runs through the buttock till the lower part of the leg. It is not just limited to the people of old age rather it can also occur to the young people who are born with the narrow spinal chord.