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Cervical Biopsy

To confirm the nature and the stage of the cervical cancer cells or to find out other complications, a small piece of the cervix is cut and taken out for biopsy, and this is called cervical biopsy. The cut tissue or the part of the cervix is examined under microscope and with other chemicals to find out the nature and condition of the area. The pathological examination of biopsy can determine whether the cells are malign or infected by other germs.

Cervical biopsy is advised by doctors when they find abnormal pap tests. But if the pap tests come out abnormal don't get nervous or shattered. Its not always HPV virus, sometimes bacteria, fungi, or other kinds of cells produced during mensuration are also responsible for negative pap tests.

The cervix area if infested by Human Papapillomavrus (HPV), produce abnormal malign cells that slowly grow and affect the adjoining organs from kidneys to vulva or pelvic areas. The cancer cells at the onset don't show any symptoms of it, but after certain stage, the symptoms of the cervical cancer starts showing.

One should not go for pap tests only after the symptoms persist, but before that too one should go for the test. In pap test even the very initial stage can be detected, and as a result you can cure the ailment without much difficulty. After the positive sign of indication of the tests, the doctor would go for colposcopy. That is the vaginal interior and the cervix is tested with the use of a microscope and sometimes some iodine is also added on the area for better viewing. After colposcopy the tissues are extracted from the cervix for cervical biopsy. After determining the stage and the conditions by biopsy the treatments are carried out for the cancerous cells.