Treatment of Back Pain

Back Pain Care Tips For To-Be-Moms

It is absolutely imperative that you take care of your back during pregnancy as back pain during this time can be really annoying and disturb your normal day-to-day activities.

Here are some very simple tips for pregnancy back pain that will help you get early relief.

First and the foremost, maintain a proper posture. At least in the early stages of pregnancy you should stand straight with your buttocks pulled in and your shoulders pulled straight and back.

Later on, as your belly protrudes, you actually pull back your shoulders as far as possible which causes all the more pain. So do consult your doctor who would be able to advice you.

Do not stand for long periods of time. But, if you have to, then rest your foot on a low stool. While sitting never cross your legs. Sit with your feet slightly elevated so as to avoid swelling in the legs.

Similarly while sleeping, rest on your side and place a pillow under your abdomen and another between your knees.

Don't lift heavy objects and that includes children as well. While trying to pick up something from the floor, bend down your knees rather than your waist.

Wear low-heeled shoes and maternity pants to provide as much support as possible.

Ice packs or warm baths may be useful depending on what gives you more relief.

Back massage can also be relaxing.

And yes, if the doc approves you can go in for special pre-natal exercises, yoga or swimming which is considered to be one of the best exercises during pregnancy.

Hopefully all these tips will provide you immense relief. However, if these pregnancy back pain care tips don't work or if a severe and unrelenting backache persists, then do consult your doctor. It might be the sign of something serious. In fact, a low, dull backache might be a sign of preterm labor. So the best advice that I can give you is never, ever ignore your back pain during pregnancy.