Treatment of Back Pain

Back Pain And Pregnancy

Back pain during pregnancy is a very common phenomenon. This is one of the many complications which happen in the body due to the changes that occur while the baby develops in the mother's womb. Some other things besides back pain that a woman suffers are nausea, diabetes, and increase of blood sugar and foot swelling. Being a common phenomena doesn't imply the fact that you have to be careless and ignore the problem. This back pain needs some management so that no post-labor complications occur.


Before we look at the managements of the pregnancy back pain, let us discuss the main causes for it. The pain can be either pelvic or lumbar pain.


The first usual cause is weight gain. During pregnancy, a woman gains considerable weight. This increase in weight, cause the muscles of the weight-bearing joints of the body like the spinal joints and the back muscles to stretch. This stress of weight can cause the pain in the back.


The secondary weight of the baby and the position of the womb arising out of a normal position can cause the center of gravity in the body to change. The posterior and the anterior change of the body features cause the muscular imbalance and results in back pain. This also results in muscular fatigue. Next, are the hormonal changes. The hormones like progesterone, estrogen, and relaxin are produced in a great amount in the body. These hormones are essential but the hormones make the ligaments, tendons, and the muscles to weaken. The consequence is back pain.


The best way to manage the pregnancy back pain is to go for exercises. There are certain postures that help in reducing the pain and help in management of the problem. For that you need to take the advice of a doctor or a physiotherapist.