Treatment of Back Pain

Pregnancy Middle Back Pain

The weight of the body increases due to hormonal changes that are common in pregnancy. The supplemental weight of the baby causes stress on the body of the woman. Pregnancy-related middle back pain is one of the very common symptoms. Almost 80% of the soon-to-be mothers suffer from pack pain at some point of their pregnancy stage. Though it is considered common phenomena and vanishes after some days or after delivery, it needs care and attention along with medical assistance.

Why medical assistance for pregnancy back pain?

It is common but the pain can be due to some complications of the back too. Only a doctor would be able to conform the status of the pain. Hormones like progesterone, estrogen are produced in lager amounts in the body for some functions in a pregnant body. The increase level of these hormones makes the muscles, ligaments, and tendons weak.

The joints of the spine too have ligaments and when they become weak; the vertebrae compress and cause the disc to slip out of the normal radius. This, results in a herniated disc. Hence, you need to go to a doctor if you suffer from middle or any kind of back pain. The pain is also caused due to unbalanced body weight. The baby’s body weight puts stress on the muscles of the back and causes pain.