Treatment of Back Pain

Pregnancy Sciatica

Some of the common side effects that a woman suffers during pregnancy are back pain, nausea, vomiting, diabetes, increased blood sugar, foot swelling and weak muscles. Pregnancy sciatica is a symptom that shows in four out of ten women. The pinched or compressed sciatica nerve causes a lot of discomfort to the body. This can cause numbness in the legs and the lower back. The common symptom of pregnancy sciatica is – needling pain in the affected leg or the lower back. A sense of burning and shooting pain in the buttocks area and the legs. There is usually pain in pelvis area of the back along with the pain in the lower back. Usually, pain is accompanied with a feeling of numbness in the area of sciatica nerve on the back and the legs.


The sciatica pain mostly occurs when the sciatica nerve suffers compression or pinching. The most possible cause of the pain is the size of the baby and the exertion of pressure by the womb on the body. The body produces extra hormones like progesterone and estrogen during pregnancy that weakens the ligaments and the joints of the spinal vertebra. The disc can slip out due to this, causing a sharp pain.