Treatment of Back Pain

Upper Back Pain in Pregnancy

Back pain is the result of muscle degradation problems related to pregnancy. It is accompanied with muscle pains in legs, thighs, and ankle joints. The pain can happen anywhere in the back - middle, upper, or lower back and sometimes the whole back is under the impact of the pain.

Upper back pain in pregnancy is not so common like other pregnancy back pains - middle and lower. Let's see the cause and remedies for this back pain.

While the baby develops in the womb, the weight of the mother tends to increase and there is an imbalance of body weight. The center of gravity tends to shift from the normal position thereby, exerting more and more pressure on the back muscles. When the forward weight increases, the back of the body experience stress and strain. If you keep your body in wrong postures while sitting or resting or walking, the upper back is under stress due to the pull of the body weight. The muscles are already weakened by the action of the progesterone and estrogen hormones. The stress further creates problems and the muscles start hurting.

If you ever suffer from upper back pain in pregnancy, do try to take advice from the doctor to get the exact physiotherapy exercises. Exercises and stretching is the best remedy for pregnancy back pain.

Sometimes, at the crucial stage, the doctor won't prescribe you medicines. Because the analgesics are not adaptable to the pregnant body. The stretches and exercises have to be carried out very carefully and without much labor. They tend to oppose the weight stress on the back. There is another natural treatment you can try in case of back pain in pregnancy. It is massaging. Light massages is very relaxing and tends to relieve the stress and strain of the muscles. You can also go for hot water bag treatment, on the advice of a doctor. Remember, what ever you do, you should consult a doctor.