Treatment of Back Pain

Why Back Pain During Pregnancy?

Most women have experienced back pain at some or the other stage of pregnancy. Some of you might have screamed out in pain while others might have been somewhat fortunate and experienced less of it.

But then what is important is a strict analysis of the causes of back pain during pregnancy. One very obvious cause is the increasing weight gain. Although time and again it has been emphasized that extra weight leads to back pain, yet during pregnancy you can't avoid it, can you?

All the more, as the pregnancy progresses, unconsciously your posture also starts changing. Since your center of gravity shifts forward, it leads to a change in the way you walk leading to back pain.

Next, not to forget about the hormonal onslaught! The hormone relaxin is secreted in the body to loose up the pelvis joints in anticipation of your baby. However, as the structures supporting the pelvic organs become more pliant, there may be discomfort on either side of the lower back often with walking and especially up and down the stairs.

Sometimes the back pain might be so severe that it interferes with the normal day-to-day activities. And that is exactly why you should know about these changes and what all you can expect during pregnancy.