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Aortic Stenosis

Aortic stenosis is generally a type of disorder in the heart which occurs because of thickening of the left ventricle of the heart. Because of this thickening, there requires more blood for the extra muscles of the left ventricle ultimately resulting in insufficient blood supply to the heart. So, do not be surprised if somebody gets fainted, gets sudden chest problems and even dies because of Aortic stenosis.

Regarding the causes, Aortic Stenosis is generally regarded as a disorder mostly common among the older people. Rheumatic fever is also another contributor to aortic stenosis. While people who are younger in age generally experience this disease because of certain birth defects like abnormal funnel shaped valve.

Regarding the symptoms people can experience chest pain, shortness of breath, fatigue and even can faint sometimes. If any of the above mentioned symptoms are evident to you, straightly go to a doctor and he through further tests like Echocardiograohy (ECG) would confirm the severity of your problem.

It has been noticed that if you do some kind of stressful exercise your problem of Aortic stenosis might get exaggerated.

Now let us shift the point of our discussion towards the treatment options available. In the case of adults, the best way to treat the Aortic stenosis is to surgically replace the defective valve. Doctors through echocardiography can determine the stage of your condition and at the right time perform the surgical replacement.

Before a surgery, one can try out diuretics, and even some good antibiotics can do the trick for you. In the case of children we should be most careful, as soon as the symptoms occur you should go to a doctor. Because in many cases death occurs too soon in the case of children. Surgically you should remove the defective valve and repair it at the earliest.