Backpain Overview

Back Pain Kidney

People get confused to distinguish between back pain kidney and low back pain because both occur at lower left and right of the abdomen, but pain in kidney is always felt in upper part of the back, it starts from one side but some time it can run bit down. An acute kidney pain can be due to kidney infection or kidney stone, if it is because of infection in kidney then this infection starts all at once with the severe pain and stay in our body for little while, but whenever it occurs, it disturbs your life style completely. A back pain in kidney comes slowly and grows steadily, sometime it can be cause of kidney failure as well, and therefore one should not take it lightly.

Symptoms of kidney infection- generally its symptoms come very fast such as fever, acute back pain, and pain in stomach, vomiting, blood in urine and burning during urination. If anyone finds all these symptoms in his body then he should consult to a doctor because in such condition you need a urinal test to find it out whether you have a infection in your kidney or not, if infection is found then he will suggest you an antibiotic pill to fight with infection. Now you need to follow the suggestion of your doctor, if you handle it carelessly then infection can effect on other parts and may be case of worse problem.

If Back pain is due to kidney stone then symptoms will be different like, blockage of urine, big quantity of calcium will come out from your body through urine, acute mid back pain, and vomiting. If you find any symptoms been mentioned earlier then you should start taking three litter water in a day because it helps the stone pass, use heating pad while sitting it helps to decrease your pain.