Backpain Overview

Back Pain Middle

Back pain middle may be of two types- Acute middle back pain or Chronic middle back pain. As a person starts aging the bones and the ligaments become weak and cannot resist strain or stretches of some durability. Slowly, he or she starts suffering from pain in the joints often called arthritis. Women are more prone to a pain ailment called osteoporosis. All this ailments leads to chronic pain. Lets discuss the aspects of back pain in middle areas generally seen both in men and women.

Men are biologically stronger than women and their bones are also much harder compared to woman. But after they reach the age of 50, they also tend to suffer from weakness in the joints. This happens due to weak ligaments that joins two bones. In the spine region, the loose or weak ligaments may cause one or two discs slip out from the vertebrae joints. The bulging out of the discs tend to hurt the muscles and nerves near it. The person suffers pain like piercing needles and the pain makes him totally immovable. Thus, the middle or the lower back suffers from tremendous pain.

Women on the other hand are fragile biologically, yet they are seen to neglect their diet when they were much beauty conscious. They don't eat proper, and also lacks in intake of vitamins and minerals. The consequence of the negligences start appearing when she reaches the age of 35-40. The bones due to lack of calcium and other minerals become weak and fragile. They also become bend and hollow in some cases. This condition is called osteoporosis. The vulnerable site for osteoporosis is the middle back where the vertebrae takes much stress of supporting the body. The rest is history and I think its no need to say that she starts suffering chronic back pain.

Thus, we see how back pain middle affects elderly due to some careless and improper lifestyle. So, I hope after learning this you don't repeat the same.