Backpain Overview

What Is A Back Strain And How To Get Rid Of It?

Back strain is something that many of us have experienced at some or the other point of time in our lives. Put in simple words, a back strain is the injury of two or more muscles that are involved in the movement of spine. A back strain may be accompanied by back pain in some cases.

Quite contrary to the common perception, back strain is not as serious as it is made to be. In fact, back strain is a lot simpler to deal with as compared to other spinal injuries. The fact is that a back strain does not affect the nerves and therefore it is easier to get over.

The maximum you can suffer as a result of back strain is decreased flexibility and movement. Movement of joints may be difficult. And you may also experience stiffening of muscles. You will not experience pain across the legs or the arms as a result of the strain.

What causes a back strain?
There are several factors that could trigger a back strain. Lifting heavy objects could be one of the most important factors that can trigger a back strain. When you are trying to lift heavy objects, lot of pressure is exerted on your back, which could strain your muscles. Rigorous movement can also be another cause. Many a times people experience a back strain after they have had long hours on the dance floor. Similarly, exercising could also strain your back.

How does back strain cause back pain?
There are certain nerves inside the body that are meant to pick up the pain signals. When you strain your back, these nerves pick up the signals which result in pain and inflammation. The inflammation that is caused as a result of the injury further stimulates pain.

How can I treat it?

Treating back strain is not as difficult as it is made to be. In fact, in many cases simple stretching itself can treat the problem. Try some simple stretching exercise but make sure that you do not over exert yourself. If you find it difficult to stretch, then you may skip it all together.

You may also consider modifying your physical activity for a few days. Try not to exert too much pressure on your body. Avoid exerting any kind of strain on your body and restrict your physical activity as much as possible. The problem should get resolved on its own within a few weeks.

In addition, you can make use of muscle relaxants. They reduce your pain and work along with your physical therapy to provide relief. But use them, only if the pain persists and is unbearable.