Backpain Overview

Bulging Disc In Neck

Bulging disc is common phenomenon of lumbar region or lower back. But every bit of spine is susceptible to complication of this kind. After the lower back, the next prominent area of bulging disc is the neck. Besides creating much trouble to your back, if it occurs in your neck, you can become really impotent to turn your neck around.


Bulging disc in your neck is caused when the circular cushions between the spinal joints come out or bulge out due to old age or at times due to some injury. The cervical spine in the area is made of seven vertebrates and a lot of spinal nerves. The vertebra bones of these area are smaller compared to the other bones of the spine except the tail of the spine. 


There is a complex network of nerves, muscles, tendons and ligaments to support the spine. The ligaments of the cervical spine control the excessive movement of head or neck that can cause serious injury. The muscles form a balance in the neck region and also supports the stability. Besides all these there are the peripheral nerves present in area.


Thus, when a disc slips out from our body, it is the most symmetrical in its form and a slight change have the impacts. So, with the slipping of the discs. The pressure on the nerves or adjoining tissues starts creating troubles. First symptoms starts with mild pain and then suddenly the pain starts becoming severe. The pain then moves towards the head and the thoracic region of the back. You will find difficulty in moving your neck around, above and below.


The bulging disc in neck needs special medical care. Some medications are given to stop the pain and swelling in case it occurs. But the most important aspect is less movements of the neck and complete rest. Some physiotherapy exercises can also be carried out under the supervision of a doctor for faster relief.