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Cervical Cerclage

Pregnancy has been a complicated birth process and still the branch of medical science of gynecology considers it a broad branch of study. While a woman is pregnant, many changes do occur in her body and she faces many complications and change in the body structure.


The implantation of the baby takes place in the womb or the uterus. The cervix act as the protecting cover forming a mucus membrane in the cervix. The cervix acts as rigid support and keep the baby inside the womb till its mature to get delivered.


Cervical complication of the cervix arises when it weakens and opens early to give birth to a premature baby. To make the cervix hold the baby, the doctor performs cervical cerclage. A cerclage is recommended to prevent the early changes of the cervix when a woman is pregnant. The cerclage is recommended with some factors associated with the history of the women with previous miscarriages, having cone biopsy, or having a damaged cervix.


Cervical cerclage is a surgery carried out to protect the baby from premature birth in which the cervix is sewn closed so that it doesn't open up and the baby slides down. A band of tighten threads are stitched around the cervix of the womb so that it holds the cervix firmly. The best time for cervical cerclage preferred is in third month of the pregnancy. However, a woman may also need cerclage at later stage of her pregnancy and its called emergency cerclage. This becomes necessary if suddenly the cervix is felt to weaken or open too much.


In USA almost 75% of cervical cerclages have success rate. Its a must for every women with incompetent cervix to hold on the baby. But unfortunately the diagnosis of a cervical cerclage is not accurate and is one of the difficult diagnoses.