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Cervical Dilation

Pregnancy has been so complicated birth process that till now medical science considers it broad branch of study. Cervical dilation is the term used for the opening of cervix for child birth. Giving birth to a baby is something a process for which the whole human race has to owe a debt to womanhood for the continuance of life in this world.


The pain and patience a woman bears for giving birth to a child is in fact a deed of salute and respect. While she impregnated, many changes do occur in her body and she faces many complications and change in the body structure. The baby just before labor is quite large to come out from the mother's womb. The vagina and the cervix in normal state doesn't have the opening more than 2-4 cm. While the baby develops inside the uterus, the cervix also tends to get prepared for delivery of the baby from the womb. The opening of cervix rather I say the stretch of the cervix is called cervical dilation.


While the baby develops inside the womb, the uterine contractions cause the cervix to open by six centimeters, and during the time of labor or delivery the pressure from the existing baby coming out and the uterine contraction together cause the cervix to dilate unto ten centimeters. This is called the complete dilation of cervix and the baby comes out normally. In this process the cervical lines also thin down which is called effacement. One very interesting thing happens in the cervix to protect the baby from bacteria entering the uterus. A thick layer of mucus forms at the mouth of the cervix called a plug. Just before hours of delivery the mucus descends and come out from the vagina accompanied by labor pain.