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Cervical Disc Disease

The cervical spine is made up of seven vertebrae and many bundle of nerves. The spine in this area have smaller bones compared to the other parts of the spine. Most often you have heard about herniated neck or cervical arthritis. But there are other forms of cervical disc diseases as well.


The disc or cushions of the vertebra joints in the cervical are called cervical discs. They are prone to many disorders like aging, stress or injury of any kind in the spine of the area. Lets have a look at all kinds of cervical disc diseases:


1)Herniated Nucleus Pulposus: This is also commonly called HNP. In this cervical disc disease there is an extension of the disc materials from the posterior region of your vertebrae joints. The materials of the joints bulge out from the common radius of the spinal joint.


2)Degenerative Disc Disease: This disorder of the spine is called DDD. In this condition, the following cases may happen- nuclear degradation, loss of disc height, or degenerative annular tears. All this happen due to excessive pressure on the spinal joints by body weight and wrong postures of the body for long hours.


3)Internal Disc Disruption: Also called IDD, a condition in which the disc suffers from annular fissuring and there is no deformation of the external disc. In this disease the internal disc portion is susceptible to deformation.


4)Cervical Radiculopathy: In this disorder, the nerve roots are injured due to foraminal stenosis or due to motor abnormalities.


All these cervical ailments can lead to tremendous pain and other complications in the neck area. The deformation of the cervical spine is the most common cause of spondylosis. There are treatment options for all these cervical disorders and various advanced surgical methods have also been invented for better cure.