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Cervical Dysplasia

Cervical cancer among women have become very common. Its very ironical to see that with more and more education on diseases, people are attracting the most dangerous ones. Being educated and most up to date with all knowledge people suffer from so many complications only because they are bit careless in some of their activities.

Cervical cancer is one such disease for which certain lifestyle is responsible. Cervical Dysplasia is the abnormal growth of the cells of the cervix. The squamous cells of the cervix often grow abnormally and become the precancerous element of cervical cancer.  
This particular growth of cells of the cervix is called- cervical dysplasia.

What are the causes of dysplasia?
Cervical dysplasia is caused for various reasons like-

*HPV Infection
A greater percentage of women suffering from cervical dysplasia are infected with HPV infections. There are more than 80 viral strains in this group of Human papillomavirus (HPV). Most of the viruses are sexually transmitted, while some of them are due to genetically malfunctions.

*HIV Infection
If a woman is infected with HIV virus there is greater risk of developing the pre-symptoms of cervical cancer called dysplasia.

It may sound disastrous for those who smoke but its fact that Nicotine as well as cotinine and other chemicals that are produced from burning tobacco tend to increase the risk of dysplasia.

*High-risk sexual behavior
To engage in sex before the age of 18, or having many partners for sex or having   intercourse with a man having multiple sex partners cause the risk of having dysplasia.

*Poor Nutrition
Poor nutrition lacking vital vitamins, minerals etc also play a role in increasing the cervical cancer. Even the poor diet triggers weakening of immune system and the risk of virus attack increases.

Thus, there are some of the cause of cervical cancer or dysplasia. So, we are not aware of such factors as the main reasons of many other complications; alas! we still perform some of these activities.